The hotel "Park Hotel" offers a bath and fitness center for our guests. In our center you may relax your mind and body and get energized.

Any visitor of our bath center will have high quality service , knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices.

In the bath complex «Park Hotel», you can get a rest of your choice: Russian sauna, Turkish steam bath, infrared sauna, swimming pool, billiard. After the bath procedures you can relax and drink herbal tea in the spacious and cozy room of the complex, which also has a fireplace.

You can also pre- order any dish and it's will be ready for your visit to the bath complex or you can choose a dish from the restaurant's menu during your visit.


Rental of bath complex of 2 hours . 380 UAH/Hour up to 6 people. For the every additional visitor + 50 UAH/hour .


Hamam (Turkish bath)

Hamam (Turkish bath ) is popular because of it's mild couple, comfortable air temperature and humidity. In such kind of bath you can get a nice relax.


Russian baths

Lovers of Russian baths are well aware of what a great effect and revitalized gives the contrast between the steam room and cold water in the pool. Anyone can use the services of a professional bath attendant who can make a massage with oak twigs. This kind of massage improves blood circulation and energizes.

Regular visits to the bath - this is a sure way to acquire good health, a beautiful body and a relaxed mind.

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